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Rest & Nest - Oasis WS2020

Video about the project

Rest & Nest

Reconnecting the city and wildlife.

This project aims to bring birds to the city and give them a home and a place to rest. This concept is adaptable and could be implemented in different gardens and parks. In addition to make it hospitable to birds I have added seating options and shading to make it pleasant to people that want to visit the park and enjoy their new animal neighbors.

My designs include: A fountain, birdhouses, shading, benches, fence and food dispenser.

Final Pres Oasis2.pngFinal Pres Oasis2.png
Final Pres Oasis.pngFinal Pres Oasis.png
Final Pres Oasis5.pngFinal Pres Oasis5.png
Final Pres Oasis3.pngFinal Pres Oasis3.png
Final Pres Oasis4.pngFinal Pres Oasis4.png
Final Pres Oasis6.pngFinal Pres Oasis6.png
Final Pres Oasis7.pngFinal Pres Oasis7.png
Final Pres Oasis8.pngFinal Pres Oasis8.png
Final Pres Oasis9.pngFinal Pres Oasis9.png
Final Pres Oasis10.pngFinal Pres Oasis10.png
Final Pres Oasis11.pngFinal Pres Oasis11.png
Final Pres Oasis12.pngFinal Pres Oasis12.png
Final Pres Oasis14.pngFinal Pres Oasis14.png
Final Pres Oasis16.pngFinal Pres Oasis16.png
Final Pres Oasis13.pngFinal Pres Oasis13.png
Final Pres Oasis15.pngFinal Pres Oasis15.png
Final Pres Oasis17.pngFinal Pres Oasis17.png
Final Pres Oasis18.pngFinal Pres Oasis18.png
Final Pres Oasis19.pngFinal Pres Oasis19.png
Final Pres Oasis20.pngFinal Pres Oasis20.png



Art des Projekts

Studienarbeit im ersten Studienabschnitt


foto: Fredrik Skåtar

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Wintersemester 2020 / 2021