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Pollux - The Digital Office Twin

These - Second Work-Life

Our idea is connected to the hypothesis „Second Work-Life“ which is based on thoughts of how work will be after the corona pandemic. In summary, it says that due to staggering advances of technology most life and work will happen in digital worlds connected to AR/VR and that there is a possibility of an „Open World Game“.


„Due to staggering advances of technologies, in the year 2035, most life and work situations will happen in AR/VR/XR. The possibility of an „Open World Game“ is graspable. Mental health is on the decline for Generation Z. They use technology even more then their millennial peers. This leads to increased isolation and social interaction happens mostly digital.“

„Aufgrund der immer rasanter fortschreitenden technologischen Entwicklung werden bis 2035 viele Lebens- und Arbeitsbedingungen in AR/VR/XR stattfinden. Die Möglichkeit eines „Open World Game“ ist greifbar. Die mentale Gesundheit nimmt unter den jüngeren Arbeitnehmern (Generation Z) ab, die Technologie mehr nutzen, als ihre Kollegen aus der Millennial-Generation. Dies führt zu erhöhter Isolation, weil Beziehungen und soziale Interaktionen hauptsächlich digital stattfinden.“

This idea was controversially discussed by the experts. Some said that this will not happen because humans need social interaction. Due to the current pandemic we can relate to home office situations and know working exclusively at home uncovers some problems that we wanted to address with our intervention:


Intervention - The Digital Office Twin


Pollux- The Digital Office Twin represents a virtual counterpart to the real office space. It connects employees in the office and from home or elsewhere. You can enter the rooms digitally and interact inside them.

The special feature about Pollux is, that it not only offers a digital connection but also real interaction.

THE NAME: is based on the name of the brightest star in the constellation of Gemini

THE LOGO: shows two rooms in one (mirrored)

Finale Doku Abgabe_Zeichenfläche 1.jpgFinale Doku Abgabe_Zeichenfläche 1.jpg

Imagine you’re working from home and log into the twin. You now have the possibility to see the map and who is working from home and who is moving around. Also, you have the opportunity to bring the office atmosphere home. The background noises and atmosphere can be transmitted from the office via Pollux.

There are also different devices connected to Pollux that enable you to interact with your employees: like the „Twin Meeting desk“ where you can work together on one project or the „knock-knock“ function that notifies you that someone wants to enter your digital room.

User Journey


DOT_USER_Journey (1).jpgDOT_USER_Journey (1).jpg
DOT_USER_Journey (8).jpgDOT_USER_Journey (8).jpg
DOT_USER_Journey (7).jpgDOT_USER_Journey (7).jpg
DOT_USER_Journey (2).jpgDOT_USER_Journey (2).jpg
DOT_USER_Journey (6).jpgDOT_USER_Journey (6).jpg
DOT_USER_Journey (3).jpgDOT_USER_Journey (3).jpg
DOT_USER_Journey (4).jpgDOT_USER_Journey (4).jpg
DOT_USER_Journey (5).jpgDOT_USER_Journey (5).jpg

Inside Pollux - Possible Interventions

Finale Doku Abgabe_Zeichenfläche 1 Kopie.jpgFinale Doku Abgabe_Zeichenfläche 1 Kopie.jpg

DOt_Interventions (3).jpg
DOt_Interventions (3).jpgDOt_Interventions (3).jpg
DOt_Interventions (2).jpgDOt_Interventions (2).jpg
DOt_Interventions (1).jpgDOt_Interventions (1).jpg

In the real office, the Twin is visible through small portals. They can be used for video calls, to have a look at the map, for navigation, and so on. There are Portales in a variety of sizes and shapes. This ranges from small desktop portals to larger versions for meeting rooms or lounges. There are also portals in machines that are connected to the twin, for example the coffee machine.



The little Avatar, here in turquoise and pink works like a key and gives you the opportunity to be visible or invisible inside of the twin.

These were just a view examples for some ideas that could help to bring some real interaction and experiences into the in-between world.

The digital office twin merges the real, physical, and the digital office to create new workspaces and experiences.

Feasibility & Viability





In the beginning, the entire project group created various theses about the office of the future. From these theses everyone worked on different ideas. The experts repeatedly gave feedback on both. In the middle of the project we join together with two similar concepts. A few more insights of the process can be seen in the pictures.


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foto: Prof. Dr. Katja Thoring foto: Prof. Hermann Klöckner

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