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How to practice gratitude (morning edition)

How to practice gratitude (morning edition)

These instructions will help you to feel grateful and reach eternal happiness throughout. Nowadays we forget the most important things because we are so focused on „more important“ things such as work. But isn't our well being the most important thing?

Why should you practice gratitude?

Gratitude is the highest form of appreciation you can have towards something. With gratitude, you can see the beauty in your life. If you learn to be grateful for everything you have independent from dimensions you will be able to integrate a positive mindset in your life. You will start to care for your health, build strong relationships and relish good experiences.

The process sketches

After having the idea of making an instruction on how to practice gratitude I had to think of the first. My first sketch shows the four steps which I selected to be the essential steps:
1) Take 3 deep breath
2) Think of three things you are grateful for.
3) Visualize each thing and sit with the feeling of gratitude
4) Act upon your gratitude


The next phase was to elaborate the steps, develop a friendly character and add a few more steps. Additionally I decided to instruct people on how to start the day with gratitude instead of how to be grateful. The reason for that is that being grateful is something that you can only develop over time. A morning routine can help with that.

0001 (1).jpg0001 (1).jpg

Furthermore I started experimenting with colors and developed 4 color palettes. I wanted to work with colors that feel natural and postive. The poster should have a soothing and feel good effect on the viewer.

Gruppen-PDF-Export (1)_page-0001.jpgGruppen-PDF-Export (1)_page-0001.jpg

Process of the poster design

The following images show the rough process of the poster design. The process was a lot about iteration and rethinking ideas. At the end I spent about two days of the 10 day project fine tuning my design. Little changes make a big difference!




gratitude-master-4_Zeichenfläche 1.jpggratitude-master-4_Zeichenfläche 1.jpg

The sponsor - Namastee

Namastee is a tea brand that approaches the topics gratitude and well being. The brand decided to publish a series of posters including the „How to be grateful“ - instruction. The posters focus on well being and drinking more tea. Namastee tries to reinvent the tea drinking experience by making it a ritual for one self.


Logo design for the sponsor - Namastee

After scribbling a few logo ideas I got the idea of Namastee. Namaste is a greeting in sanskrit which means „I bow to you.“ With Namastee in the morning you bow to yourself and show appreciation to yourself.


Next, I digitalized the chosen logo design ( the lotus flower-tea-cup) and starting thinking about how to integrate the logo on my poster. So, adding a tea bag as the logo background felt very natural.

namaste-logo-grün_Zeichenfläche 1.pngnamaste-logo-grün_Zeichenfläche 1.png

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