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RTFM- Read The Fukcing Manual

This Kurzprojekt was dedicated to an often overlooked topic: manuals.

Many well designed products have the worst manuals which can be a problem if you want to find out how to clean your product or how to use it in the first place. It gets even worse when instructions for social situations
(especially in times of Covid-19) are not clearly designed and lead to misconceptions and chaos.
It was our task to create a manual for a relatively easy task such as walking your dog or preparing coffee.
I decided to write a manual on how to take a shower, especially to help you get out of a bad mood. Taking a shower does not only clean your body but also your mind, trust me.

here is how I did it:

I started by sketching out what steps I want to include in my instruction, which was quite difficult, because showering is something so blunt and simple.

The next step was to scan my sketches and transfer them into illustrator for clean up. It was very important to me to keep the imperfections and the overall loose style while working digitally. Although I wanted to keep my poster in black and white, I tried out different color combinations and eventually went with a colored version.

my brand: bada

In the end I designed a logo for a fictional music streaming service that could use my poster as a part of their campaign.

Check out my video from the final presentation !

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