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RTFM- Read The Fu**ing Manual

Manuals are meant to provide us with a solid and proven set of instructional steps, a sort of shortcut for overcoming chaos.

Yet many well designed products have bad manuals which can be a problem if you want to find out how to use the product especially when it comes to instructions for social situations and activities.

We don’t really think too much about the steps of most of our daily actions like taking a shower, preparing a coffee or getting home from a bar. However there are actually a lot of mistakes one can make performing these apparently simple activities.

In this Kurzprojekt we had to choose one daily situation and design a step-by-step poster, explaining this procedure and showing how to perform it.



Inspired by the safety cards you would usually find on airplanes I created a manual for safety instructions on your way “from bar to bed“.


For my poster I first wanted to use authentic footage like photos and arrange them in a collage style.

Instead of designing a collage I ended up taking one photo.

I created a bar scene using typical requisites and items that you would find on a table in a bar which I found to be the best way to translate my instructions into a humoristic and tipsy atmosphere .


After trying to convert my drawings into illustrator and placing them on photos of napkins which lead to too unauthentic results I decided to go all analog and drew my instruction steps on real napkins with a pen.


It was part of the task to find or create a brand as a sponsor for our poster. I chose the local well known brewery “Sternburg Export“ and changed the name to “Sterni Export“ due to legal reasons.

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