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Green Heart 🍃🌿

Green Heart is a project which was carried out during the second expertise week of summer semester 2021.

As a nature lover, I appreciate and respect nature so much. Therefore, I was thinking of doing a pop-up design to depict my love for nature.
As I‘m always used to take nature or natural phenomena for my inspirations I started looking for natural elements which go with my concept. As
As a result, I chose the human heart to be the basic element of my design, which is a perfect way to symbolize love.

I tried to keep the shape and form of the heart abstract while mimicking the movements of a beating heart. I wanted to make the two upper chambers (atria) expand and two lower chambers (ventricles) contract at the same time. That was the most challenging part of this design.

After some failed attempts I was able to figure out a way to make the upper chambers expand and the lower chambers contract when opening the card. and also make the upper chambers contract and lower chambers expand when closing the card. Which gives the heart beating effect when you keep opening and closing the card.

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Sommersemester 2021