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mico // EM-UX: RELAX!

mico: Enjoy life and flourish together. The app will match you with mini-adventures and people using your strengths and interests - empowering you and your local community.

1 Strategy

When we grow up, life can start to feel as though you are stuck in a rat race. Between job and household it’s hard to break out of the often times exhausting routine.

This makes forming relationships and getting a sense of accomplishment and purpose harder to do. The usual methods suggested are meditation and exercise - which is not easy to stick with for many, if not most people.

Positive psychology shows that developing the strengths you already have is a more effective way to achieve personal growth and flourishing.

2 Scope

The app mico is a service that connects people with each other through personalized mini-adventures. It facilitates personal flourishing and building a local community.

3 Structure

4 Skeleton

5 Surface

This is something to experience! Check out the Figma Prototype in your browser HERE!
(Hint: When selecting strengths: drag perseverance, hope, kindness.)

// Documentation

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Intermediales Design

Art des Projekts

Studienarbeit im Masterstudium


Prof. Alejandro Lecuna


Sommersemester 2021