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gifty - Feel Closer


Experts argue that daily positive emotions play an important role in people's mental health.

Among 13 subjective well-being items used to measure and diagnose mental health continuity categories in the USA;

Positive effect: cheerful, good mood, calm and peaceful,satisfied and full of life…

Positive relationships with others: warm, satisfying, trusting

personal relationships and empathy and intimacy…

Social integration: a sense of belonging to a community and getting comfort and support from the community…

are three main topics such as.

I would like to elaborate on two concept that particularly attracted my attention.


Humanity basically involves tending and befriending others.

If we elaborate further about Humanity;

Kindness: doing favors and good deeds for others

Love: valuing close relations with others

Social intelligence: being aware of the motives and feelings of self and others


Kindness interventions aim to promote altruistic behaviors towards others with the intention of fostering positive emotions in the benefactor.

It is relatedness that results in a feeling of being close to another individual.

This need satisfies individuals’ desires of acceptance and love from others.

Acts of kindness may increase both the giver and receiver’s well-being.

I chose the experience of creating a new gift as a way to contribute to the positive emotion and relationship between people.


My intervention is to design based on experience that adds to the features I mentioned and to create meaningful experiences that increase happiness by contributing positively to human relationships.

Structure & Skeleton

Basically there are two users.

The first is the person who prepares the gift, the second is the person who receives the gift.

This gift experience was designed by adding the gift creation feature to Instagram, where we can always communicate easily with people.

To summarize, my design intervention is an experience that adds a new feature to Instagram and involves people digitally preparing gifts for each other on special occasions via Instagram and sending them digitally.

Surface_User 1

By pressing the 'gifty' icon on Instagram, it starts to use the gift preparation feature. After the first splash screens, we can see the sentences containing some of the emotions the feature makes us feel. Then the start button is clicked and the purpose for the gift to be sent is selected, then an event is selected that includes how this gift will be prepared. The system provides a gift guide based on the chosen purpose and activity. With this guide, the gift is prepared step by step. The preparation process is done according to the chosen activity. In this example, embroidery is done to make a New Year's gift.The person who prepares the gift does not know what to draw in the first place. In this way, this gift preparation process includes a series of surprise elements within the person preparing. After the gift preparation process is completed, the gift package is prepared. While preparing the gift package, the package can be decorated by choosing different colors and confetti.The gift is now ready to be sent.

Surface_User 2

The notification that arrives in the message box is noticeable, but there is a visual cue to distinguish the gift from the normal message.The message icon is clicked and the gifts that come to it can be viewed by clicking the gift icon at the top of the message box.The gift is displayed step by step by pushing on the gift package you want to open.After the gift is opened, a message of thanks can be sent to the person who sent the gift. The gift sent after this message can be saved to the device or shared on Instagram as a story or post.


For the whole experience, watch the video!

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