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Up in Galaxy

The Expertise Showroom for Multiuser was a collaborative course to learn the workflow for creating a virtual reality showroom. We spent part of the week at the Bernburg-Strenzfeld campus at the ego.INKUBATOR Hybrid AR_VR Lab oft he Anhalt University of Applied Science. It was a practical session week with Unity and Blender and we learned how to generate, integrate and interact with 3D objects in a virtual world.

The goal of the course was to design a virtual showroom and to implement and test this concept for the VR illusion room of the HS-Anhalt.

first days

The first day started online with a short introduction to the topic and the difference between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

With VR, the user is no longer aware of his real environment and is immerged in a digital 3D world, which is only possible with the use of tools such as VR glasses.

With AR, the user sees the real world and is also shown some additional information. A smartphone, tablet, … is used to experience it. There exist numerous examples of AR that are already integrated into the everyday lives of many people, such as Pokemon Go or the Ikea Place app.

After this introduction we started with exercises in Blender to get to know that software and to work with it.The first exercise was to create a palette in blender.  At the end there was a task to create a sculpture from the created palette, which we could see the next day in the live. Another task in Blender and Unity was to create a life-size cardboard stand-up of us, for this we took pictures of ourselves, these had to be cropped and then built as a stand-up in CAD.

On the second day we were in Bernburg to make the first experiences with the VR system there. We could experience different worlds and look at our palettes sculptures. We got a first insight that helped us with the concept development for our own project.

concept and idea

Since the task of a showroom can be interpreted very broadly, I decided to develop a concept with which you can completely escape the real world. My first association was Alice in Wonderland and I wanted to make it Alice in Space.

After researching and experimenting with Blender, it became more like another world in a Galaxy. Inspired by the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

Some scenes like the intro scene where Quill dances across the planet to steal the orb helped me with the design.

design process

I designed everything in Blender, Shapr3D and Unity.

The pavilion was from a previous project (Spiroplasm) and integrated very well into the concept. The rotating rod construction reminds on the one hand, by its shape of a kind of sun or spaceship.

The floor is created as an uneven surface, using subdivision, select random and random editing to move some areas up and then smooth them.

I created the stones/crystals from a sphere, which I also subdivided several times and then used the modifier displace to create the shapes.

I had never used Blender and Unity before and it was a lot of fun to explore the different possibilities and functions of the programs to create an extraordinary world. It was fascinating to see what we learned in one week without knowing the software before and what results came out in the end.

final result

The final result is a place where you completely escape from reality and dive into a new Galaxy. You feel free and weightless, surrounded by the many stars in the universe. You can explore a planet far away from the earth, investigate the different structures and objects.

The goal was to design a place that offers a lot of room for interpretation. It was confirmed by the different perceptions of the objects. For some, they are deformed stones, others see flowers or crystals in the small raised objects that spread over the surface. Furthermore, the small sticks obstruction was interpreted and interacted with as a labyrinth and prison.

Another highlight is the little baby Groot at the end of the pavilion. You could give the little Groot a high five or dance with him.

The atmosphere that was designed, on the one hand, to radiate a calm, created by the lights and surrounding Galaxy, on the other hand, it should seem mysterious and exciting.

In conclusion, it can be said that a place was designed, which invites you to switch off, dance, dream and discover. You can escape reality for a moment and feel free in another world.

I started my presentation with a little dance session to explore the world first and let it take its influence, with the song Come and Get Your Love by Redbone.

snapshots final presentation



In conclusion, it was a very exciting and busy week. We as a group had a lot of fun exploring the different worlds and playing there. When someone had a question, we supported each other. The results were impressive, what was accomplished in only five days.

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