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Stormy Hamam-i

Panoramas of Cinema 2nd Semester Expertise Project

This project is about designing a 3d space, with an interpretation of scenery from a chosen movie.

The Dialogue

Inspirational Literature

Keywords for the defining the new space and scenery

Images for defining the space

New Space and Elements

New Panorama


Stormy Hamam-i

It is an intimate encounter of two in a Hamam within a conversation of a desire, lust and passion…

What is the love?

Is it a tender wind or a sudden thunder?

I suffered from loneliness, but at the same time enjoyed a certain tranquillity. A clear sky is free from lightning bolts; a cloudless day does not harbor those terrors, nor does nighttime except when darkened by clouds. Then a sudden change is imposed on the raw elements: fire replaces air and water in order to transform the earth.. For what is more beautiful than fire flaming, blazing, and shining?Just as there is no end to covetousness and ambition, so there is no end to lust. Until then passion is in command, passion does all the talking, not us.Then For what is that love of friendship?

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International Integrated Design

Art des Projekts

Studienarbeit im Masterstudium


Wintersemester 2021 / 2022