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Coding Colours

My goal in the expertise module Creative Coding was to explore the use of colors, gradients and organic shapes. shapes. The aesthetics of generative art is often very geometric, flat and pattern-oriented and I tried to take a different approach. To do this, I used a variety of methods that use RGB channels to create random color spectra.

In addition to the color experiments, many other interesting scripts were created while experimenting with Processing.

de-coding Vera Molnár

The first assignment of the course was to decode one of our chosen artworks by mathematician and creative programmer Vera Molnár.

download Processing scripts:

  1. rectangle pattern
  2. polyline pattern
  3. bold polyline

mixing patterns and colours

in the next step, I played around with similar geometry systems but added colors and gradients in multiple ways.

download Processing scripts:

  1. gradient grid

  2. gradient grid transparency

  3. polygon depth

  4. gradient trashed

Coding Colours

In the last few days of the course, I focused on generating natural color through the mathematical use of RGB channels, inspired by the colorful, abstract code sketches Zach Lieberman is known for.

Most of the scripts use an ellipse that moves across the drawing area on a randomly generated path. In the different scripts, both the symmetry and the color distribution of the individual ellipses vary.

download Processing scripts:

  1. glitched tubes
  2. rorschach rgb
  3. rgb drawer symmetric
  4. rgb drawer trifold 1
  5. rgb drawer trifold 2

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