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Throughout the expertise module of Creative Coding, we found the opportunity to learn the basics of Processing and how to make creative visualization through different commands. I was mesmerized with the variety of visual outcomes that can be obtained just by making slight changes in numbers or formulas.


The first task of the week was to re-code a work of Vera Molnár. Molnár’s work was a big inspiration for all of us but the geometric visuals she created were the most impressive ones for me. I chose the following work to recreate;

My attempt for re-coding can be seen as below;


After learning various methods for different purposes like movement, interactivity, color change, etc. I made some explorations in Processing. However, all of my explorations were around my main interest which is composition of moving lines.

Finalization | coding

For my final project, I aimed to create moving waves with a focal circle. In order to do so, I created two different final outcomes; one having waves inside the circle and the other having waves outside the circle.

Finalization | pen plotting

After the introduction of pen-plotter, I had the chance to convert my code to physical work. I saved images from my moving waves and plotted them.

I aimed to create a series of contrasts. Thus, I used white paper and black ink for the first one while using black paper and white ink for the second one.

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