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Incom ist die Kommunikations-Plattform der Hochschule Anhalt Fachbereich Design mehr erfahren

generated images

An experiment on generated images, inspired by an input image data.

Recreating an artwork

At the beginning of the class, An artwork from Vera Molnár was chosen to be recreated. Although it did not come out the same, the process gives an idea of what can be done using codes.

Recreated Version.jpgRecreated Version.jpg
Original Artwork.pngOriginal Artwork.png

Main project

For the rest, the project focused on combining L-systems and Image processing to develop unique random versions of a single picture.

sketch_211116d 2021-12-20 17-25-58_1.gifsketch_211116d 2021-12-20 17-25-58_1.gif

This program represents a basic image processing technique. It reads the Image pixel data under the cursor and creates a circle with the same color.

sketch_211116d 2021-12-20 17-25-58_2.gifsketch_211116d 2021-12-20 17-25-58_2.gif

A little bit of tweaking with the code can result in many creative ideas.

sketch_211116d 2021-12-20 17-25-58.gifsketch_211116d 2021-12-20 17-25-58.gif

Layout-Abgabe_2021.pdf PDF Layout-Abgabe_2021.pdf

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