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Welcome home.

Pattern Design for a scent-sational candle series inspired by my home village.


In this expertise we started exploring pattern design with different exercises. We started using grids and learn the technicalities before we started to develop our concepts.

For my pattern I decided to take inspiration from my home village (a very small village in the north of Magdeburg) and the nature surrounding it. I started with a mind map and a mood board before doing some sketches in Procreate.

At first, I wanted to go for a very different style as you can see in my sketches, but then decided to work with abstract and geometric shapes instead, which resulted in a much better look in the end.

incom bilder_5.jpgincom bilder_5.jpg
20220505-exp2_moodboard village.jpg20220505-exp2_moodboard village.jpg
incom bilder_7.jpgincom bilder_7.jpg
incom bilder_.jpgincom bilder_.jpg
incom bilder_6.jpgincom bilder_6.jpg

The meaning of each element

incom bilder_2 (2).jpgincom bilder_2 (2).jpg
incom bilder_3 (2).jpgincom bilder_3 (2).jpg

(caution: it’s getting cheesy now)

Cherry, cherry blossom and honeycomb: the cherry tree in my parents’ garden, childhood memories, a lot of bees and bumblebees are always flying and buzzing around there

Pinecones and leaves: the forest nearby, where we take walks regularly, has mostly pine trees

Plums: a street in our village has only plum trees, in autumn when they fall down, they’re lying on the sidewalk and in school times we always had to navigate our way through them without crushing them under our feet

Wheat: fields surrounding the village, straw bales (it’s so fun to climb on them)

Water: Elbe River

Human elements: my family

I could have included so much more, but this is a good combination of elements, which symbolize my home and how I feel about it.

I tried out different arrangements of these elements in my pattern and also different colour palettes. Finally I adjusted some details and had my final pattern.

incom bilder (2).jpgincom bilder (2).jpg
incom bilder2 (2).jpgincom bilder2 (2).jpg

Final Pattern

final pattern green_20220505-exp2_poster h@2x-100.jpgfinal pattern green_20220505-exp2_poster h@2x-100.jpg
final pattern purple_20220505-exp2_poster h@2x-100.jpgfinal pattern purple_20220505-exp2_poster h@2x-100.jpg
final pattern white_20220505-exp2_poster h@2x-100.jpgfinal pattern white_20220505-exp2_poster h@2x-100.jpg

Scented Candle Series

This pattern, which is called “Welcome home.”, was then applied to a scented candle series, with the thought of bringing these wonderful smells of nature and also memories of home to wherever you want by simply lighting a candle.

“Waldweg” (Forest Trail) candle: smells of pine trees, cedar and yarrows, has a woody and cool scent

“Pflaumenpfad” (Plum Path) candle: smells of plums, wheat and cornflower, has a fruity warm scent

“Kirschgarten” (Cherry Garden) candle: smells of cherry blossom, linen and lemongrass, has a flowery and fresh scent

candle w box green.jpgcandle w box green.jpg
candle w box purple.jpgcandle w box purple.jpg
candle w box white.jpgcandle w box white.jpg


These posters were made for our final exhibition and presentation of the project in class.

poster Kopie.jpgposter Kopie.jpg

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