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In this expertise module we found the chance to experience translating an excerpt from the book „The Invisible Cities“ by Italo Calvino; to different medias through different exercises.

From Text to Text Poster

The first task of the week was analyzing the given text with a language perspective and illustrating syntax while ignoring the semantics. For that aim, I wanted to focus on verbs in general which I believe is the key aspect of a text. I grouped them as verbs, modal verbs and verbs in negative form.


From Text Poster to Type Poster

The following and second task was digging the meaning of the text and analyzing it in a semantics perspective. With that aim, I picked some parts from the text to reflect the city Olivia as „black, fly-ridding hole“ and „laughing in the darkness“. I was impressed by the strength of this phrases and the way they emphasize the contrast. In my type poster, I aimed to highlight the dynamic character of the city including contraries.


From Type Poster to Video

After completing our type posters, we were expected to translate it into a video. For that, I wanted to focus on the „alive“ side of the city as my poster also aimed to emphasize it. I made a „breathing“ effect which can be considered as the most important sign of being alive.

From Video to Sound

The last step of this expertise module was translating our visual output to an audio to create an atmosphere of Oliva we have in our minds. As mentioned above, I wanted to highlight the „alive, breathing and dynamic“ side of the city. However, Olivia in my mind is not the brightest and happiest city as it can be observed from the text I picked. Thus, I aimed to emphasize the dark but alive characteristics of the city. I used iPhone to record my sound. I used a wine glass and water to make the sounds by blowing, rubbing the rim of the glass and hitting it with a spoon.

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