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Translations: from Text to Sound

This expertise module focuses on the text of „Invisible Cities“ by Italo Calvino. We translated an excerpt from it into a text poster, typographic poster, animated video, and sound.

Text Poster


Based on the excerpt from „The Invisible Cities“, we designed a text poster that illustrates the syntax of the text. The aim was to focus on the text elements rather than the meaning. I color-coded the types of the words and separated them into lines.

Typographic Poster


On the second task of the project, we translate the text into a typographic poster by trying to find the essence of the excerpt. This time, we focused on the semantics of the text.


Moving Image Video

On the third task, we translated the text into a moving image. We had to use elements from the typographic poster. I wanted to keep the typographic approach the same as my poster, yet add some distorted text effects to show Olivia's essence.


In the last part of the project, we translated the text into sound. This was my first interaction with sound design. I tried to make a minimalistic yet dynamic sound design that reflects Olivia.