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Branding - Next Generation Africa

For this project I created a brand book and an animation for a charitable organisation called Next Generation Africa. I was instructed by by two Domestika courses. One of them guided me through the process of creating a branding and a brand book and the other one taught the basics of After Effects to create animated typography.


The structure and approach to this was very much predetermined by the course.

I started off with some research, designed the logo, word mark and colour palette, created a few examples for implementing the branding and summarised everything in a brand book.

1 Research

01.1 initial research.003.jpeg01.1 initial research.003.jpeg
01.1 initial research.005.jpeg01.1 initial research.005.jpeg
01.1 initial research.004.jpeg01.1 initial research.004.jpeg
01.1 initial research.001.jpeg01.1 initial research.001.jpeg
01.1 initial research.002.jpeg01.1 initial research.002.jpeg
01.2 briefing.001.jpeg01.2 briefing.001.jpeg
01.3 analysis of competition.001.jpeg01.3 analysis of competition.001.jpeg
01.3 analysis of competition.002.jpeg01.3 analysis of competition.002.jpeg
01.3 analysis of competition.003.jpeg01.3 analysis of competition.003.jpeg
01.4 moodboard.002.jpeg01.4 moodboard.002.jpeg
01.4 moodboard.001.jpeg01.4 moodboard.001.jpeg
01.4 moodboard.003.jpeg01.4 moodboard.003.jpeg
01.4 moodboard.004.jpeg01.4 moodboard.004.jpeg

2 Graphic assets

2.1 Logo sketches

02.1 logo sketches.png02.1 logo sketches.png
02.2 logo digitalised old.png02.2 logo digitalised old.png

2.2 Typography

Screenshot 2022-06-03 at 15.27.03.pngScreenshot 2022-06-03 at 15.27.03.png
02.4 Typo refinment-01.png02.4 Typo refinment-01.png

2.3 Colour palette

02.5 colour pallette-02.png02.5 colour pallette-02.png
02.5 colour pallette-03.png02.5 colour pallette-03.png
02.5 colour pallette-01.png02.5 colour pallette-01.png

3 Mockups

3.1 Business Cards

03.1 business card sketches.png03.1 business card sketches.png
03.3 business card green.png03.3 business card green.png
03.2 business card blue.png03.2 business card blue.png

3.2 Poster

03.4 poster sketches.png03.4 poster sketches.png
03.4 poster.png03.4 poster.png

3.3 Website/ Instagram

03.9 polished IG.png03.9 polished IG.png
03.7 polished website.png03.7 polished website.png

4 Brand book

I used all of the assets from above to create a brand book. I then got feedback from Professor Lecuna and implemented some changes - mainly to the Logo - that he suggested.

This is the final version:

04 NGA Brand book_Page_01.jpg04 NGA Brand book_Page_01.jpg
04 NGA Brand book_Page_02.jpg04 NGA Brand book_Page_02.jpg
04 NGA Brand book_Page_03.jpg04 NGA Brand book_Page_03.jpg
04 NGA Brand book_Page_05.jpg04 NGA Brand book_Page_05.jpg
04 NGA Brand book_Page_06.jpg04 NGA Brand book_Page_06.jpg
04 NGA Brand book_Page_04.jpg04 NGA Brand book_Page_04.jpg
04 NGA Brand book_Page_07.jpg04 NGA Brand book_Page_07.jpg
04 NGA Brand book_Page_08.jpg04 NGA Brand book_Page_08.jpg
04 NGA Brand book_Page_09.jpg04 NGA Brand book_Page_09.jpg
04 NGA Brand book_Page_10.jpg04 NGA Brand book_Page_10.jpg
04 NGA Brand book_Page_11.jpg04 NGA Brand book_Page_11.jpg
04 NGA Brand book_Page_13.jpg04 NGA Brand book_Page_13.jpg
04 NGA Brand book_Page_12.jpg04 NGA Brand book_Page_12.jpg
04 NGA Brand book_Page_14.jpg04 NGA Brand book_Page_14.jpg
04 NGA Brand book_Page_15.jpg04 NGA Brand book_Page_15.jpg
04 NGA Brand book_Page_16.jpg04 NGA Brand book_Page_16.jpg
04 NGA Brand book_Page_17.jpg04 NGA Brand book_Page_17.jpg
04 NGA Brand book_Page_18.jpg04 NGA Brand book_Page_18.jpg
04 NGA Brand book_Page_20.jpg04 NGA Brand book_Page_20.jpg
04 NGA Brand book_Page_19.jpg04 NGA Brand book_Page_19.jpg
04 NGA Brand book_Page_21.jpg04 NGA Brand book_Page_21.jpg
04 NGA Brand book_Page_22.jpg04 NGA Brand book_Page_22.jpg
04 NGA Brand book_Page_23.jpg04 NGA Brand book_Page_23.jpg
04 NGA Brand book_Page_24.jpg04 NGA Brand book_Page_24.jpg


02 empowering-nga.GIF02 empowering-nga.GIF

Unfortunately, income only accepted a really low resolution version of the animation. So here's a Vimeo link:


This independent expertise was a lot of fun, but also very challenging to finish it in the very short time frame of one week.

I learned a lot from the courses, but getting personal feedback during the process is crucial and not really possible through Domestika. Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback and advice throughout the week!

For my first branding project, I am very happy with the results and I am particularly excited about having made my first steps in After Effects. Animating Typography is definitely something that I will continue doing.

At first, I was really lost trying to find a product to do the branding for, so it was a big relief that my friend, who co-founded NGA, agreed that I could do the branding for them. They are probably not going to implement all of the branding, but were really happy about my input.

Also thanks to Professor Lecuna for making this independent expertise possible and giving me feedback.