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Thesis proposel - EVA-01/2022

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Working titel

Numerical simulation of thermo-mechanical effects in photovoltaic modules using finite element methods (FEM)


Physics, Engineering

Background and significance

Photovoltaics (PV) is an essential part of the energy transition. This work will contribute to the quality assurance part and forms the basis for a multi-physical simulation model of a PV module. A digital image of the physical twin is to be created with a FEM program for the simulation of thermo-mechanical interactions.

As part of a national research project and in cooperation with industrial partners, a device and measuring method are being developed for the quality assurance of modules during the lamination process of PV modules. Lamination is the melting and bonding process of materials. This process will be simulated numerically. The resulting understanding will serve to develop the method further.

The main goal of this project is to simulate the effects of heat on the PV module in thermo-mechanical FEM calculations. The focus is on the structural connection (degrees of crosslinking) in the PV module. To investigate the impact of different manufacturing parameters, the homogeneity of the crosslinking is examined. The result is a numerical model for calculating the optimal temperature stabilization depending on the material composition.

Used Tools

Finite Element Methods (FEM), i.e., COMSOL Multiphysics, CAD, i.e., SolidWorks

Project goals

Master- or Bachelor thesis

Digital twin in Comsol

  • Simulation of the x-Link measurement method
  • Sensitivity analysis of the x-Link measurement method with different material parameters
  • Sensitivity analysis of the results process parameters

Possible paper publication

Place of work

Anhalt Photovoltaic Performance and Lifetime Laboratory (APOLLO)

Department of Electrical, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Hochschule Anhalt


Prof. Dr. Ralph Gottschalg, Elisabeth Klimm


11,50 Euro/ hour, max. 40 hour per month.

Start date



Elisabeth Klimm

T. +49 3496 67 2366


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foto: Prof. Dr. Ralph Gottschalg, Elisabeth Klimm

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