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Design for

Design for „MEYOUWETHEM“ - Entwurfsmethodologie

This course focused on designing for different groups of people. For that, we got to know various design tools and approaches, to help us dealing with any kind of target person. For each section we created a postcard and later we refined one of our ideas.

Design for "ME"

In order to design something for ourself, we tried to get to know us better. Thus we did a personality test that shows us our 5 signature strengths and our five lesser strengths


After that we created a mindmap for one of those character traits to get more into it and maybe even find some pain points.


Even though I am hard-working I have the problem of procrastinating. So I made a postcard in order to remember my goals and counteract this problem.


Design for "YOU"

For the „YOU“ we chose a friend and took pictures of their home. We showed them to our fellow students and they had to describe their home and the person themself.


I chose a woman called Simone. She is leading the youth club of my hometown, which I am a part of since my childhood. My friends and I visited the youth club regularly back then, but now we go to university or to work. And there is a lack of new visitors, which is bad for Simone.

I want to help her and made some research how I can gain new visitors and make her feel better in her job again.

In my postcard I noted the three essentials for a successful youth club and a happy Simone.


Design for "WE"

Designing for a group of people we are part of - this is WE. In my case, me and a buddy from the same semester wanted to draw more often. A while ago we tried reaching this goal with monthly art challenges, but we lost motivation.

Now we had a new approach.

To get a drawing routine we bought two sketchbooks. But these sketchbooks don´t belong to just one of us, we share them. After some days of sketching we swap books to see what the other person created, we get motivation and inspiration and then we proceed drawing. We are doing this for two months now and for me it works out pretty well.


To make this concept attainable for more peolpe than just the two of us, we came up with the idea of local sketchbooks


Design for "THEM"

With THEM we designed for a group we don´t know a lot about. My target group were people who are not motivated to go to a doctor. Or to be more specific, an oculist.

For this part of the course we were allowed to invent some crazy or visionary ideas.

As a child I always enjoyed getting gummy bears after my doctors appointments. I thought about bringing this idea back for the grown ups.

So I came up with the idea of an irresistible sweet, which you can only get after you got your eyes checked.

I called it eye candy.


Refining the "WE" idea

At the end of the semester we got the possibility to elaborate one of our ideas. 

After the personal success of our sketchbook idea, me and my buddy wanted to work on the WE idea. Thus we created the imaginary prototype RENT A SKETCHBOOK.

The core idea is the same as before, but now the sketchbooks are at a public space where many people can use them. We chose the cloud at the HS as a spot because it´s a place every student can get access to.

To make the idea public we designed an advertising postcard.

Rent a sketchbook_Postkarte_back.jpgRent a sketchbook_Postkarte_back.jpg

Rent a sketchbook_Postkarte_mockup.jpgRent a sketchbook_Postkarte_mockup.jpg

In the Cloud there will be a banner which explains the basic rules. We want to hang it onto one of the shelfs, so we chose this slim layout in order to not take up that much space. 

The last step of tipping is optional, because we did not want to force the students to pay for this. So we will provide a tip jar. With the earned money we can buy new sketchbooks or some with higher quality.

Rent_a_sketchbook_rules mockup.jpgRent_a_sketchbook_rules mockup.jpg

We also made a sticker for advertising. This one could also become a poster.

If we implement this project in real life we are also planning to make more stickers and merchandise… if there is any interest.

Btw… all the mockups in this documentation are from

Rent a sketchbook Sticker_Zeichenfläche 1.jpgRent a sketchbook Sticker_Zeichenfläche 1.jpg

For now this idea is only fictional, but we consider putting Rent a sketchbook into action in the nearer future.

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