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salmagundi_the new way of collages

Salmagundi is your personal imagination trainer with no age limitation. The app is part of the class WM Edu Games. With this app the user can create his/her own collage masterpieces with simple objects he/she finds at home.


Bildschirmfoto 2022-07-27 um 15.29.24.pngBildschirmfoto 2022-07-27 um 15.29.24.png

adding some magic

The app rewards the user with supportive words after he/she achieved small goals. By adding magic as the last step the user can make his/her collage alive.

functions of the app

With simple objects, such as socks, buttons, spoons and objects you find at home you can create your own collages.

It is simple: Just take a picture of your object, cut it out and use the following functions of the app.



With salmagundi you can create your own collage art masterpieces.


ideas for the future

In the 3rd version of salmagundi could the app be available as IPad Version with a multifunctional community mode. This mode would include that users can create collages together, animate them and send them as short video clips to each other.

Another point would be the financial aspect of the app. Salmagundi could offer sets of objects, which are ready to use by the user. Within the app the user can buy those sets and start creating right away.

the idea


salmagundi _ creating collages in a new way

With this a app a child takes pictures of real objects and puts them on a digital canvas.

Here she/he can manipulate the objects, giving them new shapes to create new collages alone or within his/her community.

In a nut shell:

salmagundi is your personal imagination trainer with no age limitation.

The app is asically a combination of Photoshop, collages and free play.

the values of free play


The focus of the app is free play. The user should be encouraged to play freely and use his/her own imagination.

The values of free play are based on the work of the product designer
Cas Holmann. Free play means for her; no instructions, no right or wrong, no gender specific roles and no structure. The players should do collaborations together, be inventive, creative, like to explore new things and work as a community together.

sources (27.07.2022)

The stock material of the collages are from and

the screenshots of the smartphone are from Figma


1. collage: COLOWGEE & RESTAURANTS from Ilya Syuzyumov

2-4. collages are from

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