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arousing Soul: foodBible

Home… บ้าน 、うち 、zu hause、

Homeland,somewhere I belong, culture, tradition,rituals



Meaning to me

Having thought about home carefully and then I became even more homesick than ever. After the discovered into all the research of what the indepth of home meant for me.

This is an open-ended question that required a wider range of elaboration on details, express thoughts, and a long list of opinions.


Molding me also molding my character

The highly prioritize thing that came to mind was „how we live“.

The way of living equals the way of eating. This makes a lot of sense to me directly, which is the root of my lifestyle. Eventhough I havent been home for quite a long time but the habits had been stuck in my veins.(never leave)



Bring souls

Creative Process


Experimenting the usage of color

Color techniques and timing of each effects.

Water color requires time cosuming than gouache because of the transparent of its character. Gouache is more opaque which allows to multiply layers of layer. 

During the experiment Gouache made me more systematic to think into layers of thought. Encouraging me the inspiration towards the the topic itself and ignites further design concept and ideations.

While coloring it is the joyment of creating my own pattern that came out naturally.


Ideation of design directions :

The deepest connection of home inside me.

Big role of home essence is the routine activity.

Bringing the core value of these 3.

pleasure /  inner harmony  /   meaning in life

Relocating inner soul.jpgRelocating inner soul.jpg

1st idea  “Relocating inner soul”

The meaning of home can be shift anywhere. It depends on who we are with and who we can share our journey with.

It keeps shifting and transforming  so therfore in the future I might define the word “home” again and again.

Under mango.jpgUnder mango.jpg

2nd idea  “Under the Mango tree”

Existence of warmth & care.

Home can be anywhere you find your own peace.


Styling and texture

I prefer sketches with  pencil in combination with  crayon-oil pastel texture.

Give more of the grainy and childish nostalgia feeling.

Design Development

“The Precious  list in mind”

The hardship of prioritizing the menu in just a short amount of time.

Precious List.jpgPrecious List.jpg

Journey home in her subconscious


In fact, home-made food is supposed to nourish our body and give us the full energy we need to get through the day, but something magical happened over time. Food does more than just keep me alive. It began to nourish souls. The soul is a indefinite and very personal conception, but I surely appreciate all that it lives with and insides me. There are some foods that always feed the soul. No matter what diet or restrictions I set, these foods are (in my opinion) always necessary to nourish the soul and keep me happy.

Final Design

Precious List turns into “Fam. Heritage”

Quality of the ingredients

Quantity of variations

Support heart warming Emotions

Fam’s heritage.jpgFam’s heritage.jpg

“Never ending Fressen dining table”

Neverending fressen dining table.jpgNeverending fressen dining table.jpg

Never ending eating, continous eating non stop hit.

Taste that never forgets yet lingers surplus stuck inside my soul.

Sophisticate cook ,every ingredients are glamor and precious

Lifting up spirits no matter what happen in life.

For us to keep continue the joy of deliciousness.

“how we live at our best”

foodBible the Ultimate OG recipes

Arousing Soul Bible.jpgArousing Soul Bible.jpg

Rooted in its evolutionary role in the human experience, cooking requires skills and knowledge that can elevate aspects of well-being. But beyond that, research is limited on how cooking improves emotional well-being. The book represents what is truly myself, moreover the bible of foodie that might be able to assist others as well.

“Cooking is very healing and therapeutic for me.” 

— How Home Cooking Affects My Mental and Emotional Health

— Quality Time with the one we love the Most

— Bonding senses through food experiences

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