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Home (Ghar)

The breakfast prepared by Mom is a reminder for me of a safe place. It brings back childhood memories, the fun of playtime, and the joy of a simple life.

“TIDHI WALA ANDA” was my interpretation as a kid for half fry egg (sunny side) in the Urdu language.

The literal meaning would be that egg for me was a character that had a protruding out belly that I always referred to it as “TIDHI”.

When I was a child my mother used to wake me up for school in the morning and ask me “TIDHI WALA ANDA KHAO GEY?”(Would you have an egg with a belly?) and my reply used to be “YES” but with “NARAM TIDHI” (soft belly).

That sentiment is Home to me.

Initial ideas/mind mapping


Initially, I came up with mind mapping of three directions.

Direction 1 is the representation of my present home that I share with my spouse.

Direction 2 is the future that represents my transition from Pakistan to Germany.

Direction 3 is the representation of my childhood memories.


Sketches & material exploration

Final Illustration


After finalizing the mood board and color palette. I finalized once of the compositions of my sketches. The first version of the composition was rendered in watercolors but it was giving a very mature feel so I developed another version of graphic illustration using Adobe Illustrator and Procreate which I find more aligned with my idea.

Product Application


For the product application, I decided to go with mini mugs for kids as the illustration has been inspired from a childhood memory.

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foto: Mauricio Sosa Noreña

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Wintersemester 2022 / 2023