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Fragments - Trashy Comics

Dieses Projekt entstand während meines Auslandssemesters in Polen, an der UAP, im Drawing Studio 16. In this studio, we explored drawing on different levels. What can drawing be all about? My first project in this course, for example, was a sculpture made of randomly found things which I stacked on top of each other with two other fellow students. In the end, everything collapsed. We then drew the outlines around the parts lying on the floor to record what happened. I had never approached drawing so freely before. This course helped me a lot to think differently. To look from other perspectives and to come up with new ideas.

I love drawing comics, but I never found the time to really create...

I wanted to realize a project in which I capture my time (here in Poznan) illustratively in comic style. On trash. Because that keeps my expectation pressure down. My story is based on true events which I experienced in Poland. Whenever an idea for a story came to me, I took something from my surroundings. For example: garbage bags, receipts, napkins, foil, barrier tape or simple paper. Whatever I just had at hand.

I chose the title „Fragments“ for my work because there is no more appropriate word for these short stories plucked out of context, with much room for interpretation.


Poznań war wirklich vermüllt. So ähnlich wie Dessau auch. Anstatt den Müll und die Umweltverschmutzung auszublenden und sie so irgendwann nicht mehr wahrzunehmen, habe ich gezielt den Fokus auf ein paar Fundstücke gelenkt. In meiner Arbeit geht es zwar nicht primär darum, jedoch ist dies ein begleitender Teil.


Ich habe diese Arbeit in insgesamt drei Ausstellungen ausgestellt. Zwei in Poznan (Polen) und eine in Dessau.

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Bericht Auslandssemester


foto: Prof. Jaroslaw Szelest


Sommersemester 2022