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HUNCH: Match-Making App

This app connects you to others in the most intuitive and fun way possible and maybe you will end up finding more about more yourself

App Description

Hunch is a match-making application, based on simple and fluid intuition of the users in which allows you to interact and meet new people without preconceptions of desired relationships: a friend, mentor and or a date?

Unlike most dating apps where it lacks authenticity and induces misinterpretations of users, Hunch breaks down the biases you have for your own self and for others, so it may create a more natural sense of connectivity. When you meet someone at a local coffee shop, there is no predefined topic of conversation nor an answer of what kind of relationship it may develop into, it is a fluid process.

Hunch recreates this experience with a twist of fun. Through a stress-free gamification process, matched individuals are narrowed through chains of reactions. It is designed to reduce consciousness and overthinking as much as possible, making match-making a seamlessly quick and simple process.


These days, there are too many options, some designed for dating, some not. However users are downloading multiple platforms and find the experience taxing and frustrating.

How real is your profile picture? It is highly likely there are disconnections between your online persona and real self because of the need to show off your best or to fit the schema of desirability. “Some psychologists and sociologists who have studied usage habits on Twitter, Facebook and popular dating sites say there's little correlation between how people act on the Internet and how they are in person.” (Brooks)

User Persona


User Journey Map

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Art des Projekts

Studienarbeit im Masterstudium


foto: Frank Uebler

Zugehöriger Workspace

Expertise 2: Digital Cities, Digital Communities


Wintersemester 2022 / 2023

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I like the concept, but where is the confusing, overpriced paywall and the superficial selection by photos of the person? What if Lisa was ugly? I would have had to text her to find it out..