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Bacteria universe

The bacteria universe. What if we dive into the universe of bacteria and see what is really happening in their world? Can we see how, while being on our skin, they eat us?


Bacteria. Such a small and not noticeable creature. They are everywhere: the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, etc. The human body is full of bacteria, and in fact, is estimated to contain more bacterial cells than human cells. Approximately, we have around 1,500 bacteria living on each square centimeter of skin on our hands. An enormous amount of it enters from our hands to our mouths as touching our face is human nature which is impossible to escape. We eat bacteria. But do bacteria eat us? 

What if we change the system and see how bacteria eat us?


Surreal Still Life

Criteria keywords:

◦ classic still life
◦ symbolism
◦ surrealism


The plan was to film 3 layers of objects.

2nd _Glass
3rd_Sesame seeds

The first step:
Finding the correct hand position and angle of the camera.

The second step:
What can play the role of bacteria and show it in a repulsive, nasty yet clear way?

After conducting several experiments with various types of grains, stones, and objects, it was determined that black sesame seeds were the optimal choice for use.


After trying different positions and angles challenges such as glass reflection, and establishing connections between hand and seeds were faced. Therefore, in the final work, I decided to take a shot of every single layer separately and overlay them by using Photoshop.


The final result


Special thanks to Mengxi Wang and Tavinee Klanaijit for their assistance.

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