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Transhumanist Ambient Design; The next frontier of human evolution

Transhumanist Ambient Design; The next frontier of human evolution

As designers, we're tasked to act as an oracle and bring solutions to the problems presented from the crossroads of creativity and method. In this case, we were charged with creating a vision for the future; To imagine a utopia and the wonders it might have, and, in my specific case it was in the realm of concepts themselves.

Transhumanist Ambient Design is the concept that I envisioned, which combines Bioengineering and Biohacking, UX/UI, and Philosophy about our own bodies and our surroundings.

A Moment in Time

Welcome to the future of humanity’s understanding and relation to reality.

Evolution of the human species by nature’s hand has stopped. Evolution either takes too much time or is unable to give us certain benefits as we have reached the cusp of an evolutionary plateau, this, coupled with the enlightenment of humanity in centuries past and the idea that we are the universe experiencing itself gave way to Transhumanist Ambient Design.


Through the enhancement (or Bioaugmentation) of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies the removal of all political, cultural, biological, and psychological limits to self-actualization and self-realization has been made possible, effectively ending social class, gender, and race distinction.

This in no way means shedding nature as useless and disregarding it but a way of experiencing reality on our own terms; Is not a move towards a more gray and mechanized world but a world more in synchronicity with the space we inhabit.

As an example of how limited the human experience was, with Bioagmentation we can sense magnetic and electric fields, experience tetrachromacy, audio-visual-tactile synesthesia outside our hearing range, possess chromatophores on our skins, change our shapes and physical capabilities in a myriad of ways, and even move towards real empathy by creating empathetic links to other beings.

Emerging fields of Design

Under the umbrella of Transhumanist Ambient Design all kinds of fields of design have opened, from the actual design of Biomechanical parts for augmentation to ways of Interfacing with the stimuli reality offers, shaped by interactions with technology, nature, and ourselves, all the way to Ambient Experiences where data seamlessly flows across multiple touchpoints blending the physical and digital environments as the user journeys through reality.

Bioaugmentation appendixes

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Biointerface example

Designing Utopias Expo setting

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