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Intelligence of Knowledge through sleep

How much time did we spend learning things throughout our life, first kindergarten, elementary and high school, university, and if you want to succeed in life, why don’t take a master's class and later a PhD? You know, the more the better. And not only because we are afraid of the work life, but to stay on that ladder of success, we need to keep on track by updating and acquiring new knowledge.

What is IKS?

Intelligence of Knowledge through sleep is the biggest research centre for neurotechnology. They have been working for the past 10 years to understand how the brain works to acquire new information.


The Research

What really happens when we drift off? ****¿Do our brains turn off for the night?

Actually, our brains are as busy as they are during the day. While we sleep our brains are doing much more than getting ready for the day. This was the starting point of our research. During the first years, while experimenting on animals, IKS Researchers tested on mice by injecting dye into their brains to understand which part of the brain was used.

When they started testing on humans, placing electrodes all over the head. Focused our research on the hippocampus since this brain part is like the informational inbox of your brain. We discovered that the neural activity during the specific time at night Showed some powerful waves (sleep spindles) during the night, this electrical activity, shown as frequencies act like a file transfer mechanisim, storing data in our long-term memory.

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What is Munning?

Can you imagine how much information and knowledge we can acquire in that time every year? If we only use our free time to join an online course or take some classes.

The Munnin kit consist in the SleepMaskx39 and an App.

It has been made just for you to learn everything you always wanted.

In one hand, the Sleep Mask is made with the lightest materials and high-tech technology to provide you a peaceful dream while it downloads all the information into your brain with the nanoelectrodes inside the mask. All this process is shared through Bluetooth technology to the app into your personal account in the App.


When you download the App, you can find all the possible learning subjects, career filters, current talk themes, movies, books and if that were not enough it is available in every language or dialect. You just have to choose what you want to learn every night, and the app will manage all your learning process and track your sleep time to improve it.

This is possible because we understand that every person has different goals, sleep habits, and way of learning. That’s why we invite you to a one-to-one session with our specialist in one of our many research centers all over the country. Once you are there, we will scan your brain, and analyze how it responds to different senses (like sound, smells, touch and view) to get all the information we need to develop the right learning program just for you.

Munnin kit for kids.

From age 0. What 0 means is that you can use it from the 6th month of pregnancy, and it will pass through the bloodstream to your baby.

Monitoring the sleep from the first years is very important to train your brain and have a healthy life. But more important we probably be able to make some changes in the education system in the world. Where we can focus on developing soft skills, team work and spending more time with the ones we love.

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