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The Laboratory

Showcase and documentation of the class “Artistic/Experimental Design” (2017/2018)


Under the working title The Laboratory, the class Artistic/Experimental Design consolidated a series of diverting and aesthetic experiments exploring, questioning, and augmenting the building blocks of design.

To showcase selected works, a book was created at the the end of the course. It is divided into seven chapters, one for each topic the students approached during the course. The book was also used to document the exhibition at Dessau Design Schau 2018.

In The Laboratory’s creation process, I was in charge of creating the layout alongside Christian Kirchner, typesetting, as well as editing the photos of the selected artworks.


Each chapter is introduced by an explanation to its topic, giving context to the artworks.


The Laboratory exhibition space for Dessau Design Schau 2018


Integriertes Design

Art des Projekts

Studienarbeit im ersten Studienabschnitt


foto: Till Wiedeck foto: Nadine Goepfert


Wintersemester 2017 / 2018