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We all can empirically notice there is a common ground from where arise social hazards and political restrictions regardless of country or culture. Topics like nationalistic behaviors, expansionist wars, imperialism, extremism, and xenophobia are some of the terms the media and even we use to refer to some of these politic-related issues. Their effects hit individuals regardless of nationality and background, but to a bigger extent to individuals coming from developing countries.

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WethePeople will give people the opportunity to share their life stories. A timeline will be presented in which both the life stories and the evolution over time of the socio-political issues affecting them can be appreciated.

From a personal, direct-contact approach, we aim to expose how political conflicts, restrictions, third-party historical background, and negative examples of laws and resolutions are most of the time independent from our power of decision and control, and how they manifest in everyday life, interpersonal relationships, individual initiatives, etc.


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