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Observation : Creation - Film as a narrative tool for designers

Observation : Creation - Film as a narrative tool for designers

How do we turn a portrait of a person into an emotional narrative?

The moving image has gained enormous relevance in communication, within the past decade. Designers, who used to illustrate their ideas with photography, can nowadays translate their entire narrative to the screen with easily accessible technological tools. The camera takes on two different roles: It is the medium for observation and in the meantime a tool for atmospheric staging. As an instrument of observation, the camera helps to capture and comprehend complex processes. But the camera is able to achieve even more. It offers the possibility to present the object of observation in a special light - ambiance, sound, and rhythm become a defining part of the design. The workshop Observation : Creation is an introductory course to the utilization of film for designers / architects / artists. We will observe a personal portrait: Once through the lens of the 'anthropologist', to comprehend and document the person's personal mode of living. Afterward, we will take on the lens of the 'designer', to stage the scene with the methods of filmmaking. - A workshop by Silvia Cannarozzi & Rasa Weber

‘Sabor y Memoria’ by Ricardo Marin

How do you take your local food culture to a new country? A portrait about Cris + Alex, who moved from Mexico City to Dessau.

‘The Story of Pear’ by by Jentad Jenpanichkarn

How do you escape the concrete jungle of an urban lifestyle and create your personal green oasis? A portrait about Pear, who takes care of her garden in the middle of Bangkok City.

‘Everyday Art’ by Ryan Ramsey

How to pick up an old sports passion during lockdown? A portrait about Natalie, who used to be a professional soccer player and found back to her old training routine during Corona in Vancouver / CAN.

'Nilufar' by Morteza Naemi

How to practice your voice, when the female voice is banned in your home country? – A portrait about Nilufar, who is singing in private, as solo singing is forbidden for women in Teheran / Iran.

'Far Yet Close' by Pinaak Kumar

How to feel close to your loved ones, when being forced to stay apart? - A portrait about a girl who tries to keep emotional contact with her family in India while residing in Hungary.

‘Hallima’ by Kathleen Uebigau

How to practice the ancient art of tattooing on diverse skin-types? A portrait about Hallima, who, due to Corona, traines at home in Dessau / Germany to become a tattoo artist.

'Tuna' by Burcu Berk

How to develop new routines under different circumstances? – The portrait of Tuna, who came from Turkey to Karlsruhe / Germany six years ago and tries to adapt to the 'new normal'.

The Beauty Of The Everyday' by Harshita Parnami

How to create new worship for the efforts of Indian domestic workers in everyday life? – A portrait of Deepti, who takes care of her employee's family every day with love and respect, while raising her own one-year-old daughter.

'A Simple Man' by Ismail Cobanoglu

How to worship the absurdity of every day when being on unemployment during corona? – A portrait of a simple man, who swims through his daily routines, gaming, training, taking care of his cat.

'A day with Biton' by Julia Yousuf

How to remain creative in a new surrounding? – A portrait of Biton, who moved from Bangladesh to Dessau / Germany, keeping himself creatively busy with drawing, cooking, running and scribbling.

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Sommersemester 2020