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endomin - Long-lasting pain relief

endomin is a fictitious cure for endometriosis, a chronic disease that is incurable.


Endometriosis is a widespread disease (1 in 10 women is effected) that is associated with severe pain throughout the body. The consequences of endometriosis lesions are chronic inflammation, scarring and adhesions, bleeding in the abdominal cavity and often infertility - just to name some of them. In about 50% of women who remain involuntarily childless, endometriosis is the underlying cause.

If you are interested in endometriosis please see more here:


External packaging


The packaging principle behind endomin consists of a discreet outer packaging. As the treatment takes place over half a year, it is very important that patients always have endomin in their preferred room so that they do not miss the punctual intake. Therefore the discrete inner part with the medication is inside the outer packaging.

After opening the outer light packaging, the patient is welcomed by warm and calming colors. She gets the feeling of transparency, finally gaining an insight into the invisible disease. Since endometriosis has a sensitive clinical picture, it is especially important to give women a feeling of hope and trust when taking endomin.

Internal packaging


The inside of the medicine box is white, the most neutral of all colours, to highlight the tablets. The top of the box also provides instructions on the tablet taking schedule. The tablets have the shape of a rounded triangle, which in this case stands for femininity, reliability and balance.

Leaflet / Package insert

The package insert is located in an extra insert in the packaging. The clear text design allows the patient to easily follow the treatment. This is supported by the illustration of the effectiveness of endomin.



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foto: Prof. Alejandro Lecuna

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WM 2D: HEALTHY DESIGN The visual design of hope and trust.


Sommersemester 2020


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Super wichtiges Thema und tolle Arbeit! :)