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Luxid - Cure for Nyctophobia

Luxid is a fictitious cure for Nyctophobia, an illness mostly treated in therapies.

What is Nyctophobia?

Nyctophobia is an extreme fear of night or darkness that can cause intense symptoms of anxiety and depression. A fear becomes a phobia when it’s excessive, irrational or impacts your day-to-day life. People affected by Nyctophobia often suffer from insomnia due to their fears. This illness is often treated in therapies but this takes time and mostly the patients need a quick relief.

If you want to know more about this illness please see more here:

The active ingredient Hypericum Perforatum

Hypericum Perforatum (St. John‘s wort) is a well-tried, herbal cure for depression and anxiety. Its mood-lifting and relaxing effects give the patient a comforting feeling. This is caused by its ability of increasing the production of Serotonin. Due to the relaxing effects even insomnia can be treated. This helps patients to lead a normal day-to-day life and sleep fearless.

The external packaging of Luxid


Luxid is a medicament that takesaway fear. This comforting feeling is
displayed on the packaging as well. The contrast and gradient from deep blue purple to pale pink implies hope. It shows how dark becomes light, how night becomes day. It also evokes a mood-lifting and relaxing feeling and lets patients forget sorrows and fears. The sparks are an important part as they show hope in darkness.  Another important fact is that the packaging shows important information about the medicament. Therefore the user trusts the medicament because he knows what he is taking before he even opens the packaging.

The pill bottle


The treatment

Luxid is perfect to accompanying a therapy as it makes the first weeks of therapy more pleasant. A pill should be taken each day before sunset. One pill is effective for 24 hours. Without attending therapy the medicament should only be taken two weeks.

The instructions




The risks & side effects

Luxid should never be the main treatment for curing Nyctophobia. This medicament should be taken in addition to a psycho therapy or only temporarly. The worst case is an addiction because we easily get addicted to Serotonin. Therefore patients always should consult a doctor or psychotherapist. Other side effects are allergic reactions, fatigue, gastro-intestinal problems and sensitivity to the sun.

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WM 2D: HEALTHY DESIGN The visual design of hope and trust.


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