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Identify me!

(Photo)graphic exploration about my personal identity through the application of a questionnaire to people with different levels of closeness to me. After conducting the research, the information gathered was used to design collages with my picture and the elements provided by the respondents.


There were 7 final respondents in the survey, all of them related to me in some way: from being part of my closest circle (immediate family, significant other) to people I have seen once or twice in my lifetime. 

The graphic above shows the proximity of the respondents with myself, as well as telling if they are part of my family or friends / acquaintances.

What image do you think represents my identity?

For this part, the respondents were asked to submit an image that they feel represents my identity. The objective was to collect a visual reference on how they perceive it. I received the following pictures:

Captura de Pantalla 2021-11-29 a la(s) 00.59.46 - Daniela Heresi.pngCaptura de Pantalla 2021-11-29 a la(s) 00.59.46 - Daniela Heresi.png
fb7671aa60c7259c6d2263def5a69b70 - Patricia Muñoz.jpgfb7671aa60c7259c6d2263def5a69b70 - Patricia Muñoz.jpg
F9F83338-22F1-4FDF-8307-6CE692ECF1E5 - Francisco Javier González Leiva.pngF9F83338-22F1-4FDF-8307-6CE692ECF1E5 - Francisco Javier González Leiva.png
Stanga1-original - Karla Sepulveda Navarrete.pngStanga1-original - Karla Sepulveda Navarrete.png
115C99AC-569C-4A93-9C89-5AC63F1593E3 - Gonzalo Alzamora.jpeg115C99AC-569C-4A93-9C89-5AC63F1593E3 - Gonzalo Alzamora.jpeg
vocabulario_en_ingles - Anto Muñoz.jpgvocabulario_en_ingles - Anto Muñoz.jpg
00EAF19C-5751-4F2F-B48A-192433E5A288 - maria teresa donari obreque.jpeg00EAF19C-5751-4F2F-B48A-192433E5A288 - maria teresa donari obreque.jpeg

What animal do you think represents me?


What color do you think reflects my identity?


What material do you think communicates my identity?


With all this information, I worked on 3 different collages without using the same pictures the respondents sent, but keeping the concepts as intact as possible. I merged the concepts with the materials, colors and my own portraits.





I decided to use the final pictures to create postcards, as a way to keep interacting with the survey's respondents and communicate with them the final result.




Postcard Mockup 5.pngPostcard Mockup 5.png

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