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Sound to Text

In the one-week expertise module Translations II, the task was to first analyze the structure of a sound (in this case '71' by Aphex Twin) and later translate it into a video, a graphic composition, and a text.

(the sound can be heard in the video ➁)


➀ sound ⟶ analysis poster (structure, not atmosphere)

➁ sound ⟶ video (structure, atmosphere, movements)

➂ video still ⟶ poster (spatial constellation)

➃ sound ⟶ text (focus on atmosphere)

➀ Analysis Poster


For the sound analysis, I focused on 5 distinctive sound segments and visualised them in a linear overview. The shape (pointed or blunt) of the building blocks indicates the approximate pitch or mood.

➁ Video

Since the piece of music itself is short but nevertheless very complex in sound, I tried to visualise it as simply as possible. One shape as the main motif, which alternates between a rhombus, a circle and a star shape, depending on the current sound atmosphere. In addition, there is a rectangle in the corner representing the drums, a circle in the middle for the volume and a wave-shaped line showing the current vibration.

The means with which the video was to make do were only simple, abstract and geometric shapes in the colours black and white.

➂ Poster


The starting point for the poster was an image or situation from the video that had already been created.

The situation I chose was the first drop, where the sound is first very low, then again piercingly high. In the video you can see how the shape quickly changes from a rectangle to a circle, then to a star. The flat star forms the main motif, the other outlined shapes the background.

➃ Text

task 4.jpgtask 4.jpg

The text reflects the perceptions I associate with the soundscape. The light is the piercing, high-pitched sounds that lose themselves in a hum, the darkness, the silence in which the narrator finds himself and the space forms the sterile/mechanical atmosphere of the piece of music.

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