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Advertising poster for Malaga Fair

In this expertise we have learned the basics of pattern design, focusing mainly on how to vectorize our sketches and the use of softwares such as Photoshop and Illustrator, in order to master different techniques to create these patterns.

Later, we had to think about the use that we would give to that pattern, so I decided to explore the different motifs that were repeated in flamenco culture, in order to design an advertising poster for the 2022 Malaga fair.


To get inspired, I reviewed posters of different types of fairs in Spain, I looked for details of flamenco dresses and mantillas. 

On the other hand, I kept in mind the typical joy of the images and music of the fair, as well as the characteristic blue and light of Malaga.



First of all, I designed the dot patterns, so characteristic of the flamenco culture. Initially the idea was to design a flamenco dancer exclusively using dots, but I ended up rejecting this option as it didn't work visually and it was too stereotypical an image.

After this, I designed the pattern of the mantilla, first on paper and then digitalized this sketch and played with colors and textures until I achieved a more realistic effect.

I played around with the various layering for the fan, with the goal of making it visually striking, engaging, and eye-catching.



In the first version, I couldn't completely like the layout of the elements, the composition of the image.

Thus, finally I changed both the location of the fan and the title.

The jasmines that I use as decoration are the typical flower of Malaga, something emblematic that is sold in the streets, especially during the fair week.




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