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Sound to Text

In the expertise week module Translations II, we were given a couple of sounds to choose from. Once we chose one, the task was to analyze the structure of a sound and later translate it into a video, a graphic composition, and a text.

(the sound can be heard in the video ('71' by Aphex Twin))

Tasks sound ⟶ analysis poster (structure, not atmosphere)

sound ⟶ video (structure, atmosphere, movements)

video still ⟶ poster (spatial constellation)

sound ⟶ text (focus on the atmosphere)

Analysis Poster

Once I heard the song, I was experiencing some disruption. I was feeling that there was a structure but it was being disrupted by all the high-pitched sounds. So the structure is shown in a rectangular way, with different parts being dragged down showing some melting.



To create the visualization, I tried to use the same rectangles being distorted as well. One of the requirements was to use black and white only. In the video, we can see how there is a structure with all the lines but at some point, it is disrupted.


For the poster, we had to take a screenshot of the video and then transform it into a 3D perspective.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-04 um 16.04.40.pngBildschirmfoto 2022-05-04 um 16.04.40.png



task4_Munoz_Rafael.pdf PDF task4_Munoz_Rafael.pdf

The final part was to write a text related to the video and the last poster. The structure of the song is repetitive but for me, in the beginning, it was hard to understand or enjoy it in a way, so the second time was more interesting but still not fully clear, until the third time I found myself enjoying it. This is represented in the 3 languages, it is the same text but translating represents my journey with the song. Also, the song gets me thinking about some acid and lemon. from there the story is represented.


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