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Expertise II - Sound to Text

9 students, 5 days, 4 tasks and uncountable experiences! We started our journey with a decision on one out of four songs Mr. Wucher gave us. After our choice was taken it was clear, with which song we have to work intensively with. Everyone of us had his own style, an own way to make design and creativity visible. On this project site you will se mine.

#Task 1

You received a sound. Now visualize the structure -not the atmosphere!- of the „song“ which you can recognize. Therefore, you don't have to be a musician.
When you listen caretully and again and again, you will be able to detect certain rhythmic and melodic patterns.

Assign graphic elements (bars, lines, ...) and arrange them in a composition which makes sense (Horizontal? Vertical?) and is comprehensible by 'outsiders'.

Format: DIN A2 landscape format
Tools: Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Indesign
Colors: Color-code certain instruments/sounds


Analysis_Poster.pdf PDF Analysis_Poster.pdf

#Task 2

Once you understood the piece of music, make a video of it.

Therefore, import the sound file into a video software and translate the sounds you hear into visuals. Use typographic means only (text, punctuation, numbers, maybe lines).
No illustration, photos, video footage nor diagrams, please!

Format: Square (1080x1080 px)
Tools: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Apple Keynote
Colors: Do the visuals in black & white, do not use other colors nor solid gray tones. (Gray may occur when fading in/out, on movement, by transparency.)

#Task 3

Take one still/situation from the video and build a poster out of It:
Transform the time-based composition of the video into a spatial composition and simulate the space on the flat surtace of the poster.

Format: DIN A2 landscape format
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Rhino,
Colors: Do the visuals in black & white, do not use other colors nor solid gray tones. (Gray may occur by transparency.)

Still_Poster.pdf PDF Still_Poster.pdf

#Task 4

Now, forget everything about what you ve done betore.

Close your eyes and listen to the sound again. Listen again and again. Translate the piece of sound into a story.

You could assign the acoustic elements to actors, the movements/developments to actions, the characteristics of the sound to characteristics or the actors/actions.

Or let the acoustic atmosphere inspire you to write a text about it.

Format: DIN A2 landspace format, margins: top 35mm, bottom 50mm, left and right: 35mm.
Tool: Adobe Indesign
Type: Helvetica Regular, size: 18pt, leading: 22pt, 3 columns (margin between: 10 mm), left-aligned
Printing color: Black (on white paper)

Text.pdf PDF Text.pdf


Many thanks to Mr. Wucher for this special journey in this course.

A project with different tasks and each of them had a new challenge that each of us had to overcome.

I would also like to thank all the participants of the course. It was just a very nice experience to work together with the international students. Every time it is again a nice experience!

Thanks to all. :)

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