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Sound to text | Expertise 2

Translations from sound to text is a unique opportunity to try new things and discover yourself from a new side.

In the expertise week module Translations II, we have been translating music and sounds into design, text and video. We were given 4 sounds to choose from. Our main task was to analyze the structure, composition and feels of the music.

I chose a musical composition called Moloko - Tubeliar 01. In further work, I depicted the structure and my feelings from listening.

Task 1

In this task, we were asked to analyze the structure of the music, not the atmosphere. The main task was to create graphic design elements and group them so that the structure of the sound (beats, rhythm, sounds, etc.). I depicted the sound in a distorted line graph, the elements of which „melt“ depending on the distortion of the sound. Each color symbolizes different types of sounds that overlap each other, and the length of the elements almost exactly shows the length of the sound in the musical composition. Looking at this graph, you can determine which of the 4 sounds in question and track the movement of the sound in it, even though I decided not to use the timeline.

task 4-03.jpgtask 4-03.jpg

Task 2

The second task was to create a video based on the poster, which would also display music. I decided to draw a graph with scales, which I initially refused, and make it move, imitating an audio player. Distorted forms in the video convey different sounds, making their own changes to the overall structure.

Task 3

In the next task, we were asked to take one situation from the video and create a poster, that would illustrate it. It should simulate the space of the sound on the surface of the poster.

task 4-02.jpgtask 4-02.jpg

Task 4

Next, we had to write a text that would be a story based on the sounds. The story I wrote is a picture of what I imagine when I listen to this composition. She swallows and sucks, letting go at the end and pretending nothing happened. This is what I tried to convey in all tasks.

task 4-04.jpgtask 4-04.jpg

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