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Tina — new approach to data understanding & economy

Tina — new approach to data understanding & economy

During the KPx weeks we decided to research how data usage is understood in the society, what general public know about the information they share via online resources and how the financial system works in the data economy.

Thus, a business model of a company and a series of products dedicated to improve the current situation on the data understanding & economy were developed.

P.S. As the KPx appeared a multidisciplinary experiment, this Case Study is an experiment as well. It aims to draw the attention to the problem rather than win a start up competition.

Problem statement

Internet users do not get benefit from the data they share unintentionally using social media, messengers and other platforms. On contrary, IT and media companies enlarge their profits by selling the data, sorting the user data and providing place for advertising.

Questions for the Case Study

How users can make money with their customers’ data not sharing personal data*?

*personal data includes: person’s name, home address, photo, finger prints, email address, bank details, post and social networking sites, medical records.


  • How to change the financial flow in modern data economy?


  • Understand how the end point of data financial flow can be changed;
  • Experiment with ideas how to educate people in terms of data security;
  • Establish a digital solution for trustworthy anonymous communication between companies and their users;
  • Create a suitable business model which can work in terms of ethical ideas* and data security.

*You can read more about Design and Ethics here:


An independent company can provide a digital platform for trustworthy anonymous communication between businesses and their customers/users brining the financial benefits to the data providers.


Tina — is a company which aims to draw attention to the questions of data security and provide digital products which improve user's lives in terms of data usage.

Logotype and motivation statement of the company.

Company aims to redirect the financial flow in modern data economy, help users to read the data security agreement more consciously and product educational media content like videos, articles etc.

The main spears of Tina and products.


1. Mobile application with paybacks for completed surveys, questionaries and UX tests. The interface is presented as a chatbot. Tinati is an interlocutor;

2. Plugin for browser which helps to highlight important sentences about data usage and protection in data policies;

3. Educational content (articles on the Tina's blog, YouTube videos).

The schema describes how Tina earns money and what products company develops. 

Branding & Visual Communication

Logotype, color palette, mobile application icon and a character, who represents the company and communicates with the users when conducting the surveys, questionaries and UX tests.

We decided to introduce the character to help build 'messenger' user pattern instead of 'commercial survey'. Thus, Tinati aims to became a 'interlocutor' to the user building more natural communication pattern.


References for interfaces of future mobile application and data presentation for the companies (clients). You can find more here:

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Wintersemester 2019 / 2020

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Thank you!

Totally interesting, well done! A timely and important project to consider. I was just talking about this, ownership and a clearing-house institution last week in our Design Ethics seminar!