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Short Project _ Material and Technology _ Summer 2020

Prof. Dr. sc. Manuel Kretzer, Benjamin Kemper

09. - 22.07.2020


Science fiction gives us the rare opportunity to engage in worlds and experiences far from our own reality. Whilst many of the technologies and gadgets we use today have first been imagined by science fiction writers, like Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov or Neil Stephenson, it is also the atmospheres, drawn in these environments, that have an impact on how we imagine and shape our future. In this course you will watch selected science fiction movies and search for a particular design language they convey. Each film will be analyzed in detail in order to abstract certain principles and accordingly design an everyday object situated in the respective environment. 


Part 1: Choose a science fiction movie that is set in a different world than ours. Some examples are: 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Matrix, Bladerunner (2049), Metropolis, The Martian, Avatar, RoboCop, A Clockwork Orange, Solaris, Logan’s Run, Tron, Brazil, Ghost in the Shell, The Fifth Element, Tomorrowland, Gattaca, Existnz, Minority Report, Sunshine, Her, Mad Max,... Watch the film and prepare a brief plot line diagram / storyboard including key scenes and twists. Additionally analyze the film in terms of its distinctive design language. This can include color, light, shape, materials, texture, sound, music, typography, architecture, objects, fashion, cars, technology, etc. Sort the different categories and present them in a way that describes the world you have experienced.

Part 2: Based on your analysis develop a set of simple design rules and present them in an understandable way. Apply your rules on the design of a coffee machine. Consider not only the form and look of the device but also think about convincing key features. Remember that you are designing for another place, people and time, your science fiction setting and protagonists, where different things might be of importance. Create an advertisement poster for and in this world, which conveys the uniqueness of your idea. More details will be provided during the first meeting.


09.07.20 Introduction and Task

09. - 15.07.20 Part 1: Analysis

13.07.20 Crits

15.07.20 Plot and Design Language Presentation

15. - 22.07.20 Part 2: Design

17.07.20 Crits

20.07.20 Crits

22.07.20 Design Presentation


Integriertes Design

Kurzprojekt Produktdesign / Technologien


Sommersemester 2020