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'Observation : Creation - film as a narrative tool for design' MA course June 8th - 12th 2020.


The moving image has gained enormous relevance in communication, within the past decade. Designers, who used to illustrate their ideas with photography, can nowadays translate their entire narrative to the screen with easily accessible technological tools. The camera takes on two different roles: It is the medium for observation and in the meantime a tool for atmospheric staging. As an instrument of observation, the camera helps to capture and comprehend complex processes. But the camera is able to achieve even more. It offers the possibility to present the object of observation in a special light - ambiance, sound, and rhythm become a defining part of the design. The workshop Observation : Creation is an introductory course to the utilization of film for designers / architects / artists. We will observe a personal portrait: Once through the lens of the 'anthropologist', to comprehend and document the person's personal mode of living. Afterward, we will take on the lens of the 'designer', to stage the scene with the methods of filmmaking. How do we turn a portrait of a person into an emotional narrative?

Rasa Weber is a designer based in Berlin with a focus on sustainable material research for design and architecture. Her design concept is driven by a strong narrative approach and process-oriented research. Her passion for visual story-telling and her background in theatre made the film a key element of her design strategy, which has been listed for „Best Communication“ by the German Design Award, Bundespreis Ecodesign, AD Award a.o. She is one of the founders of 'They Feed off Buildings', a design- and architecture collective from Berlin, and founder of Studio Blond & Bieber, which works on material and color concepts. She lectures at the University of the Arts Berlin, OCAD University Toronto, University of Leeds a.o.

Silvia Cannarozzi is an Italian director and screenwriter. After graduating in 'Art and Media' from the Academy of fine arts of Brera - Milan, she started her career as a video editor and motion graphic designer for cinema and television. In 2017, after working for RAI, she moved to Berlin to attend film school, focusing on directing and cinematography. 'Farta', her second short film, is in the official selection of the 'Italian Oscars', the David di Donatello 2019.

Time: June 8th - 12th 2020

Place: Online

Type of course: Productive Workshop! The aim is to produce a self-initiated film, wherever you are in the world, due to corona. We will bring practical film examples and a little bit of theory.


International Integrated Design


Sommersemester 2020