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EM Form Workshop (Grasshopper)

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Tuesdays 10 - 14

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A course about

* Geometry and sculptural skills

* Direct & parametric 3d-modeling

* Constructing your idea


Foremost, the workshop focuses on geometry, material and reality conversion, aided by Rhinoceros and its algorithmic extension Grasshopper — a tool that can automatically perform a vast series of modelling tasks in real-time. The workshop is goal-oriented, which means that, after the introductory tutorials, every participant is working on their individual ideas. With that motivation, research for design solutions occurs automatically and ultimately leads to gaining new skills. The final submission is posters and a physical model which encourages ideas that have a design function and awareness about material and production.

Hand-in February 8th 2020

You will present one design example where Grasshopper played a major role. It can be an independent experiment or a setup supporting a project you currently work with. To receive credits and grades, you need to hand in:

A Free amount of digital A3 PDFs. Showing how the algorithm works, explaining the design concept.

Given that it’s currently hard to make 3d-prints, we will instead describe how a model could be made. Preparing for print or milling requires your model to be a “Closed Brep” in Grasshopper (assembled with “Brep Join” with flattened input). You can check this also in Rhino by typing “SelClosedPolysrf”. Export from Rhino, for 3d-printing, is an “.STL” and for milling, usually an “.OBJ”, “.IGES” or “.STEP” (select your model and go to File > Export selected). A suggestion is to upload it to to get a cost calculation and analysis of the model, then include screenshots from the Shapeways analysis in the hand-in. If your design is to be produced large scale, please describe how this (possibly) would be done. 

* Deadline: February 8th. Email to

Here are some examples from previous courses: 

The presentation should explain what the algorithm does. With help from the text, drawings, images. Complex renderings are not needed — a screenshot is ok, the point is to show what the software can do and how it supported your ideas.


International Integrated Design

Elective Module 3d Object and Space

Integriertes Design

Wahl-Modul Technologien / 3d Entwerfen – Aufbau


Wintersemester 2020 / 2021


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