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WIS Design Theory: Emotions and Design. The role of emotions during the design process

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In this class, we will explore several aspects referred to the concepts of creativity, mood and emotions, and the design process. One goal of this class, is that you can examine the important role that our mood and emotions have during the creative process. Furthermore, we will study the aspects that comprise the creative process and the Design Thinking process.

Within this class, we will adopt various design research methods to answer questions such:

•Can we enhance our creative process regulating our emotions?

•What is the role that our emotions play when we are designing a product, service or experience?

• How emotions affect the user’s perception of a product?

• What is the difference between emotion and mood?

• During the design process, what is more important: emotion or reason?

•Can mindfulness enhance creativity? How?

We are most likely to learn something if we are trying to answer questions or solve problems that we as learners regard as: important, intriguing or just beautiful (Bane, 2004). That is why the primary goal of this course is to connect your own interests, within the disciplines of design, to create new mental models that help you understand the field from various viewpoints. As an integrated design student, the more perspectives and points of view you can have within you, the more value your creative output will have. As part of this class, we will conduct mindfulness meditation exercises.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

• Understand and analyze theoretical material

• Become familiar with design research methods and current trends in design theory

• Understand and analyze the concept of “Emotional Design”

• Develop your individual and unique capacity of articulation and creation of coherent arguments

• Learn how to communicate with clarity in an academic manner

• Engage constructively in group discussions

• Produce a creative valuable output to take with you

• Provide a theoretical foundation for your MA dissertation

We will go through the syllabus together during our first class. I am looking forward to meet all of you.

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