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Incom ist die Kommunikations-Plattform der Hochschule Anhalt Fachbereich Design mehr erfahren

Studio MAID/MDE Plattform Radar Zeitz


Prof. Hermann Klöckner, Design

Prof. Johannes Kister, Architektur

Studio MAID / MDE / DIA open for 8 Students from both the international Master & German Master. A good balance of both is required.

Plattform Radar Zeitz is a project in the Framework of Sachsen-Anhalt’s contribution to the New European Bauhaus.

This integrated Studio combines the transdisciplinary qualities of Design & Architecture into a holistic, participatory process to conceive & challenge possible futures for the city of Zeitz. Tandems of Designers and Architects will research and conceive holistic sustainable future scenarios for the urban development.

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New Bauhaus project Saxony-Anhalt

The New Bauhaus Project Studio Saxony-Anhalt of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences Dessau is thematically anchored in the city of Zeitz, southern Saxony-Anhalt.

Closing the surrounding lignite industry will bring about a structural change that will have changes for the people, influence on the social context and the image of cities and landscapes. In Zeitz, this has been visible through large fallow land since reunification and the disappearance of essential key industries that were a long tradition of the city's economic strength.

The shrinking process is a consequence that is currently also unfavorably shaping the social pyramid.

The New Bauhaus project is intended to help point out perspectives and possibilities for new social value chains and to become attractive for entrepreneurs and newcomers who recognize new sustainable life perspectives for work, life, culture and education in a progressively developing urban landscape.

The content topic of the New Bauhaus Studios is a Virtual Reality (VR) Platform Radar, which will open a new way of participation in a future vision. Even if the New Bauhaus Studio deals thematically with Zeitz and southern Saxony-Anhalt, it is at the same time a methodical development of an instrument to make the planning and development processes in a new way on the one hand clear, but on the other hand essentially also interactively shapeable, since the subject-specific discourse is easily accessible to those interested.

New Bauhaus Studio University of Saxony-Anhalt

The studio is made up of architecture students from the DIA master’s course in the architecture department and design students from the design’s master’s course. One professor from each department and one guest manage the studio. The studio starts at the beginning of October and is planning a „workshop week“ on site in Zeitz to familiarize oneself with the urban topography and to gain knowledge of the dynamics with the cooperation partners on site.

„Platform Radar“

A first step will be to collect the locations for action.

The coherent networking of the spatial scenes is an important basis for taking further steps in terms of an overview.

The “platform” does not mean definition, but the starting point for inquiries in the sense of a “radar” that can seismographically identify potentials of transformation, but also takes up existing activities. The “Platform” and the “Radar” can only succeed with the help of the cooperation partners in Zeitz and intensive field exploration.

Virtual reality

As an instrument for knowledge and communication of a platform radar, this connection is not completely unknown, but it is still quite unfamiliar in a connection with the change of use of participatory participation. Developing this instrument in Zeitz also means having a methodical tool available for comparable situations.

Cooperation partner in Zeitz

Both the digitization center in Zeitz and the operators of the „Nudel“ (a transformation project for an industrial property with future technologies, startups and artists) are actors who work together and combine digital know-how to make processes and communication of conceptual relationships visible Build promising alliances and collaborations.

The “Virtual Reality Platform Radar”, which develops from the “on-site” and concretizes itself through the work of the studio with the students, is a project that includes the entire urban society of Zeitz.

Criteria: New Bauhaus Project

The Virtual Reality Platform Radar as a participation tool addresses essential criteria of the European Union's tender.

Under the holistic claim of participatory participation, comprehensive social, economic, cultural, faunistic, sustainable energetic spheres are identified by the radar, networked in the sense of the „spiral“ by actors and cooperation partners and thus create a unique instrument of sustainable, because it is updated and developed with itself Criteria supplemented „Reality“, which puts reality and virtual reality in an interactive context in a new way.

The dimension of “time” turns this project into a cultural project. The documentation on the one hand, and the self-reflective processes of the participants on the other hand, which lead to a collective discourse of knowledge, will in turn feed into a further development of the Virtual Reality Platform Radars (VRPR). In this way, the image of the “spiral” can become a lived New Bauhaus project.


International Integrated Design

Studio Module Integrated Studio Project

Intermediales Design

Studio-Modul 4d Interaction Design


Wintersemester 2021 / 2022


Donnerstag, 10:00 – 16:00