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EXP II _ Digital Cardboard

nur für Incom-Mitglieder

Even though we can witness a rapidly growing cultural and political awareness of the unsustainability of today‘s

consumer-culture, most commercially available products are still far from proposing viable alternatives to

overconsumption and overproduction. One possibility to limit waste and carbon emissions is to make things only

when necessary. Novel design and manufacturing tools are paving the path towards on-demand and individualized

production, while also opening up new domains for aesthetic and functional exploration.

In this course you have the opportunity to digitally design and manufacture 1:1 eco-friendly furniture prototypes, such

as chairs, stools, chaise lounges, (coffee) tables, etc. Your design should be based on what is commonly refered to

as a waffle-system and will be produced with a laser-cutter from 105,00 cm x 165,00 cm x 6,50 mm sheets of brown

corrugated cardboard. Tutorials for Rhino and Grasshopper will be provided.

Topics to consider in your designs are:

- Material efficiency and production workflow

- Assembly and creative experience/involvement of the customer (e.g. IKEA effect)

- Innovative use of design and manufacturing technologies

- Aesthetic (futuristic) appearance and practical usability

Monday, 15.11.21

10:00 KickOff and Intro to the course/task

11:00 Lab and Infrastructure Introduction

Wednesday, 17.11.21

11:00 Intermediate Presentation with Carolina Menezes, Guest Lecturer at IMD Braunschweig

Friday, 19.11.21

15:00 Final Presentation with Yves Ebnöther, Industriedesigner, Digitale Technologien im Entwurf, ZHAW Winterthur

Deliverables include:

- 1:1 furniture prototypes for public exhibition

- Hi-res (300dpi) photographs of your designs

- Rhino/ Grasshopper and fabrication files

- Documentation according to provided layout

- Online documentation as project on „incom“


Intermediales Design

Expertise-Modul Workshop


Wintersemester 2021 / 2022


Mensa Raum 201-204 (ehem SSC)