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EXP 1 - „Home“ : An Illustration Laboratory

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In times of migrations, refugees, globalisation and displacement, but also taking into account the rich diversity of backgrounds we have in our Master's Programme, it makes sense to ask ourselves „what/where is home?“

Yet the task is not easy, as it's quite an ineffable concept: is it a sound, a melody, a familiar birdsong coming from the garden? The smell of spices in the wind? Is it the taste of Ghar Ka Khana, a Feijoada, a tray of tasty Empanadas or a Schnitzel? Maybe it's all the stories and beliefs of your culture? Or is it, perhaps, a big, ancient house, where many generations before you have lived? 

It's a concept that's been used and abused in very (oh-so-very) corny ways, but is it true that „home is where the heart is“?

The concept of „Home“, just like a house, has enough room to contain many other topics…  Is home a physical place? Or is it a concept…  Is home a memory of peaceful times? A space of security? A community? Or is it wherever you go, like a snail, when you carry your home with you?

In this illustration laboratory/workshop the concept of „Home“ will serve as a foundation that allows us to explore different techniques, go through our own processes, find our style and produce various results.

From watercolours, coloured pencils, markers, gouache, ink, and charcoal, all the way to linoleum carving, embroidery (yes!, needle painting is a way of illustration), and collage (is moving image a collage of frames? hmmm…), images can be created in many ways. Which one is your favourite technique? Which new one do you want to experiment with? The lab will start with watercolours, and then we'll move on to explore other materials you may have.  So bring your tools and materials, and let's explore together different techniques to express our concept of „Home“.

Note: For this lab, you will need a sketchbook for your process, moodboards, notes and initial ideas;  watercolour paper, a small watercolour set, brushes and pencils (you could borrow them from fellow students who took my workshops in past semesters), cotton cloth for cleaning your brushes, some cups for water, a metal pen nib with its nib holder, as well as any other materials you may want to experiment with. A list of recommended materials will be made available as a PDF in the workspace.

It's also recommended to have a computer with Photoshop and Illustrator.

Also, feel free to drop me a line with your questions at:


Intermediales Design

Expertise-Modul Professionalizing

International Integrated Design

Expertise Module Professionalizing


Wintersemester 2022 / 2023


Montag, 10:00 – 16:00

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