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Das zweite Gesicht

In the elective of this semester IMAGE RHYTHM, RHYTHM IMAGE we made our own film experimenting with rhythm. I created a short animate about the song „das zweite Gesicht“ from Peter Fox. This sketchy black and white drawn animate is showing the second face we all have in us, even if we try to hide from it.

For my first video and animation project I chose a song or „poem“ about a deep topic. I liked the song since I was a child and loved to bring it to life with my animation. 

Because this is my first animation I didn't want to overwhelm myself so I just animated a few scenes and details to give my film a „sketchbook“ vibe.

You can find the final version at the bottom!





For the style I got inspired by a sketch I did a few months prior. It was a black and white, squiggly lines sketch of the song I chose, with a scary shadow following the man, like the second face in us always behind our backs.

Unbenanntes_Projekt 133.pngUnbenanntes_Projekt 133.png
Unbenanntes_Projekt 131.pngUnbenanntes_Projekt 131.png
Unbenanntes_Projekt 132.pngUnbenanntes_Projekt 132.png
Unbenanntes_Projekt 61 Kopie 3.pngUnbenanntes_Projekt 61 Kopie 3.png




The song choice was really easy. I knew I wanted to use a few lines from the song „das zweite Gesicht“ form Peter Fox. The instrumental music of this song describes this sneaky, scared feeling so perfectly that I couldn't break the lyrics and the music apart.


Bildschirmfoto 2023-01-28 um 22.37.05.pngBildschirmfoto 2023-01-28 um 22.37.05.png


Unbenanntes_Projekt 129.pngUnbenanntes_Projekt 129.png
Unbenanntes_Projekt 128.pngUnbenanntes_Projekt 128.png
Unbenanntes_Projekt 127.pngUnbenanntes_Projekt 127.png
Unbenanntes_Projekt 126.pngUnbenanntes_Projekt 126.png


The storyline follows the lyrics. It shows the man casually coming home from work with the shadow, the 'second face' following him and coming out in a few scenes. 

Drawing a storyboard was the best thing to get the story right before you start to draw the pictures completely. It helped my to get a feeling for the film and how the scenes should look like. 

I gave the notes different colors for the camera movement, the shadow and light situations.



Because of an Adobe error I couldn't excess my adobe programs for half of this semester. That's why I only used Procreate and iMovie for this project. I drew all the frames with Procreate on my iPad and did the frame by frame animation with Procreate too. 

The last step was putting text and illustrations together with the rhythm of the music. I added the sound effects last and after a few hours of correcting scenes and illustrations, I ended up with my final film!

I really hope you enjoy my video! I definitely enjoyed this project, and will do more of these projects! Enjoy!

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