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UniPal-“At Your Side”

This project aims to revolutionize the college application process by addressing the common frustrations and complexities faced by applicants. We recognize that outdated software, complex legal frameworks, a lack of holistic service understanding, and poor communication often lead to overwhelming experiences for applicants.


To overcome these challenges, we propose the development of an algorithm chat buddy that will accompany applicants throughout every stage of the application process, providing personalized guidance and support. This chat buddy will leverage advanced artificial intelligence techniques to offer intuitive assistance, ensuring a seamless and elegant experience for applicants.

We utilized the Double Diamond framework throughout the process. Initially, since the issue was personal to us, we discussed our own personas. We then proceeded to create customer journey maps, indicating our emotions at each step. We identified the most challenging stages as key points and focused our efforts on them.

Task 1.jpgTask 1.jpg
Customer Journey.jpgCustomer Journey.jpg

We individually created wireframes based on our focus areas and grouped them into three main topics. As team A, we designed a chat-based app using a different mental model to stand out from traditional apps. The app aimed for simplicity, intuitiveness, and a unique user experience in the college application process.

Unipal_Wireframes.pdf PDF Unipal_Wireframes.pdf

After creating the wireframes, we further refined our design by developing a comprehensive data model, service blueprint, and Gantt diagram. These tools allowed us to rethink and optimize the application process, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience.

Data Model.jpgData Model.jpg
Service Blueprint.jpgService Blueprint.jpg
Gannt Diagram.jpgGannt Diagram.jpg

Then we tried different UIs and created our final design. At this stage, the color and font decisions of the design were made, the button designs were made, then the page designs were made for the prototype.

Frame 48095905.pngFrame 48095905.png

UniPal_Presentation.pdf PDF UniPal_Presentation.pdf

UniPal Link

UniPal Link.pdf PDF UniPal Link.pdf


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