Incom ist die Kommunikations-Plattform der Hochschule Anhalt Fachbereich Design

In seiner Funktionalität auf die Lehre in gestalterischen Studiengängen zugeschnitten... Schnittstelle für die moderne Lehre

Incom ist die Kommunikations-Plattform der Hochschule Anhalt Fachbereich Design mehr erfahren

Elective MA/MAID- Short lessons about short Storys. Editing image and audio

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Beginning - Middle - End, 
the basic structure of any story ever told.

Editing shapes the Story.
The editor controls the narrative.
The edit is the final writing.

Editing is often underestimated and at the same time the final part, where everything can go wrong or become great.
It is the creative part where we have the final control over the narrative.
Not only in scripted features or advertising, even more so in documentaries.

From each shot to chapters to the whole timeline, we will study and learn how to structure 60 Seconds or 6 Minutes.

How to edit on sounds and music.
How to use movement to create flow and timing.

From short lessons to your own short story.

Content: up to you. We will work on it together.
Camera: the one you can get
Tools: Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve,, AFX.

- Final Cut Pro is free for 90 days at the moment.

- Resolve is free

- offers a free version and more space at the moment.


Intermediales Design

Wahl-Modul 4d Interaktion, Installation und Bewegtes Bild

International Integrated Design

Elective Module 4d Interaction, Installation and Moved Image


Sommersemester 2020


Mittwoch, 10.00 – 14.00